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The aircon condenser is the most recognizable part of a split air conditioning system. The brand of the condenser does not have to match the brand of your heating unit. The condenser is the part of the unit that often sits outside of the house and creates the cool air that gets pushed into the house. There are several brands that make reliable condensers.

Carrier Condenser
One of the better known brands of condensers is Carrier. Their models come with a wide variety of SEER ratings and an environmentally friendly refrigerant that does not affect the ozone layer of the atmosphere. Carrier is known for developing new technologies that they share with their customers all over the world. The control panel on the condenser makes it easy to service their models. The exterior split unit is easy to clean and attractive. Carrier ensures that the galvanized steel and sturdy finish will weather the extreme heat in tropical climates. Carrier uses a scroll compressor to keep the unit quiet and efficient.

Mitsubishi Condensers
If you are looking for a quality machine that does not require the use of ducts, Mitsubishi offers an affordable condenser that fits this description. The outdoor condensers from Mitsubishi are able to detect the temperature in a room and adjust the settings of the condenser to cool the room immediately. Mitsubishi uses the inverter style compressor in their condenser models with technology they can linear expansion valves to control the temperature. The inverters in the Mitsubishi condensers do not start and stop, which can be noisy for residents. Instead, the condenser is quiet because it uses a magnetic flux to keep the motor performing efficiently, but at a high energy level. The condenser will start right up even after a power outage.

Sanyo Small Inverter Condensers
Sanyo is a brand that offers many of the same features as the Mitsubishi condensers, but at a lower price. Their versatile condensers use the R-410a refrigerant that will not harm the ozone layer. They also use an inverter style compressor to keep the condenser functioning an energy efficient rate. They offer small models that are easy to install and maintain. Sanyo understands that people in tropical climates need to have condensers that take up small amounts of space. The inverter units constantly monitor the indoor temperature and humidity so it can adjust the speed of the motor to keep the home feeling comfortable.

LG Portable Condensers
This company makes some of the best appliances and their aircon condensers are no exception. They offer portable condensers that can be placed inside or outside of the home. They also provide condenser models that can be placed in windows or in a wall. Their models are affordably priced and include dehumidifying elements as well as cooling elements. Most models include oscillating air vents to ensure that the entire space is cooled to perfection. Their models also have timers and features that allow for adjustable settings, like auto cool. Many condensers come with remote controls, too.