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Aircon Technician Cheated his Company and Customer

This is a case of how one of CitiCool’s new customer was cheated by her previous aircon servicing and repair technician.


Aircon Servicing and Repair Technician – 1st Visit


This customer engaged XX Company to perform chemical wash for the fan coil in her master bedroom.  After completing the chemical wash, the aircon servicing and repair technician told the customer that her fan coil he did chemical wash service has some problem already.  He told her the fan coil will spoil anytime.  He advised her that it is better to swap another fan coil from another room which she seldom uses over to the master bedroom. He told her that he can help her to do the swapping at a discounted price but she MUST AGREE TO PAY HIM DIRECTLY without billing through his company.

The customer thought this is a way she can save money.  She agreed to pay him directly for helping to swap the air conditioners.  He pocketed the money for this service without billing through his company.  He told the customer in future she should call him directly for any aircon service as he can charge her a much cheaper rate then his company.

The nightmare for the customer started.  Her air conditioner started to have cooling problem.  It’s not releasing cool air for the room.


Aircon Servicing and Repair Technician – 2nd Visit

She called the same aircon technician directly and he told her there is insufficient aircon refrigerant.  He helped her to top up gas.  He pocketed the money without billing through his company.


Aircon Servicing and Repair Technician – 3rd Visit

After a short while, the customer had to call the same technician in again for the same problem.  He did the same thing, top up gas and pocketed the money.

The same “aircon not cold problem” started again.  She called the same technician.  This time he told her that there must be a gas leak somewhere.  He said that he would need to do a pressure test to identify where’s the leakage.  He told her that he can charge her S$200 only for the pressure test.

After hearing S$200 for pressure test, she started to hesitate.  She started to think wisely: “If this aircon technician can cheat his company, maybe his also cheating my money.   She started to source around for another aircon technician.  Her friend recommended her to call CitiCool.


Aircon Troubleshooting by CitiCool

The customer called and told CitiCool’s aircon professional over the phone the entire story about the chemical wash, aircon swapping, aircon gas top etc her previous technician did for her.  After hearing her problem, CitiCool’s staff told her most probably when her previous aircon technician swapped the fan coil, he did not tighten the joints properly.  However, CitiCool need to do a site visit to check her air conditioning system to confirm if we were right.

CitiCool’s aircon servicing and repair technician went to her house for a complimentary aircon troubleshooting.  True enough, our aircon technician diagnose that the flarenut joints were loose and not tightened properly.  This is the reason for the refrigerant leak.  Our air con technician tightened the flarenut joints and her “air conditioner not cold” problem was easily resolved.

From the above case, we concluded that the aircon servicing and repair technician had cheated this customer.  This is because he went down twice to top up gas for her air conditioners.  During these visits, he should have checked the joints as he was the person who did the swapping of the fan coils.  When there was insufficient gas, he should have suspected that the gas leak through the joints which he did not tighten properly during the swap. 


Do Not help any aircon techician to cheat their company

We advise all aircon users not to help their aircon technician to cheat their company by not billing through the company.  If you helped dishonest aircon technician to cheat their company, you are also cheating the company at the same time.  In addition, since the person you are paying money to can cheat their company, most likely they will also cheat you.

In addition, we also advise all aircon users to engage experience and competent air conditioning company for their aircon problem.  Many of our new customers had experienced paying unnecessary money to their previous aircon vendor either because the technicians doing the troubleshooting is inexperience or they helped their company to cheat customers.  Be a smart aircon consumer and choose the right company to help resolve all your air conditioning problems.


DIY Checking and DIY Aircon Repair

CitiCool’s website has many articles and videos to assist customers to do simple troubleshooting for their own aircon problems.  We also have aircon repair tips and solutions to help customer solve easy to solve problems.  Refer to these articles and videos before you engage any aircon professionals.