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Sale of New Air Conditioner

Some major brands of new air conditioning systems that we carry include but are not limited to Mitsubishi Aircon (Starmex), Daikin Aircon, Panasonic Aircon and Fujitsu Aircon. All these major brands are well established brands and would normally be subject to stringent quality controls before they are sold to consumers. Therefore, choosing the brand of air conditioner to purchase depend very much on your preferences for difference features available and your budget. However, do note that unlike other electrical appliances, new air conditioners are usually sold with installation services as a package price. Therefore, it is important that you understand the following before you make a final decision on which Singapore aircon servicing company to make your purchase:

• Key factors affecting the price a new air conditioning system
• Importance of having a proper aircon installation

Key factors affecting the price a new air conditioning system

Take for example, if you intend to buy a Mitsubishi (Starmex) Inverter System 3, you will find that the quotations from different vendors for this set of air con can vary significantly. The differences in quotation come mainly from pricing for the installation which is affected by two key factors as follow:
1. The quality of the air con installers and
2. The quality of material used in the installation.
The quality of the air con installers depends very much on the practical working experience of the installers and their service quality. Some people prefer to avoid buying from Singapore aircon servicing vendors that outsource the installation to third party sub-contractors. This is because they know that a company would have better control over their own in house installer compared to a third party sub-contractors. Therefore, they have more confident with the service quality if they buy their air conditioner from a Singapore aircon servicing vendor with an experienced team of installer in house. At least it is easier for them to contact and talk to the team of installer when they have any query or issue relating to the installation. Do note that due to shortage of labour and high manpower cost in Singapore, many companies nowadays outsource their installation to third party sub-contractors who are free lancer from Singapore or neighbouring country.

Importance of having a proper aircon installation

If you want your air con system to function efficiently and effectively without water leaking or condensation in the trunking, you definitely need a proper installation.

To understand what is required in a proper installation, click on this link:  aircon installation

To find out what Citicool offers for new air condtioners, click on this link: new air conditioners

Air Conditioner Parts & Accessories

Purchasing new air conditioner parts individually to replace your defective parts sometimes can be very costly. Before deciding to purchase any new parts and accessories to replace your defective ones, you should always check if your air conditioner is still under warranty from the manufacturer. We do not provide any price list for new air conditioner parts and accessories as the range for these parts are too wide and the frequency of our customer making such purchases are normally quite low. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing any new parts and accessories for your air con, kindly contact us directly to check the price and stock availability.

Sale of Second Hand (Re-conditoned) Air Conditioner

Compared to other Singapore aircon servicing companies, CitiCool is one of the biggest second hand aircon sellers in Singapore. We have a big workshop to maintain our stocks. In fact, CitiCool has been selling second hand aircon (re-conditioned aircon) in Singapore since it was incorporated in year 2005. We will conduct a preliminary test on the condition of the air conditioners at the seller’s place before confirming the price of purchase. After transporting the air conditioner back to our workshop, it is subject to more stringent testing to check if it can operate effectively. If we identify any defective parts in the air conditioners, we either repair or replace them with new parts. To ensure that a second hand air con can function effective, it is inevitable for us to scrap some defective parts. Due, to this stringent quality control process, we are able to offer the re-conditioned air con for sale with a 180 days warranty on the parts.

To find out more about our reconditioned aircon, click on this link:   second hand aircon

Used Air Conditioner Parts

There are instances where we purchase used air con from customers in bulk. During our in house testing, we will choose to sell some of the second hand air con and scrap those that have some defective parts in them. Before disposing the used air con with defective parts, we will dismantle it to salvage some of the usable lose parts for recycling. These lose parts can be use to replace defective parts in our reconditioned air con. We can also sell them to customers looking for used parts to replace certain parts of their air con which are defective. Example of such parts includes pcb, fan motor, compressor, air filter, condensation tray, cover, thermistor. In fact, except for some key components, practically all the parts in an air con can be recycled if they are still functioning well.

Used Air Conditioner Accessories

Many customers buy used air conditioner accessories such as used remote control, pcb, fan motor etc from us. For instance, the price of new remote controls can be very expensive compare to second hand ones. Note that a new remote control from a branded air con can be as costly as S$80 to more than S$100. However, the price of our second hand (branded and original) remote controls is only from S$20 to S$40, depending on the brand. Therefore, second hand accessories are really value for money for many customers especially when the second hand items are well taken care of or still very new.

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