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Aircon Servicing Deals

Aircon Servicing Deals 

General Aircon Servicing Deals & Aircon Maintenance Service Contract Pricing

regular aircon service is important for your air conditioner Aircon Service Technician dismantling aircon parts for cleaning

Click for the pricing table:   Aircon Servicing Deals & Maintenance Contract Pricing


Aircon Servicing Deals for Chemical Wash (also known as Chemical Overhaul) Pricing

chemical overhaul or chemical wash aircon chemical cleaning or chemical overhaul service aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul is effective for washing away stubborn dirts and grimes in your fancoil.

Click for the pricing table:  Aircon Chemical Cleaning Pricing

Aircon Servicing Deals for Repair Services

Aircon Gas (Refrigerant) Top Up Pricing

Aircon Gas Top Up


R22 @ S$50

R410 @ S$80

Aircon Servicing Deals for Troubleshooting 


Normally, we try to help our customer determine their aircon problem over the phone as it is complimentary.  If it is not possible to do so over the phone, onsite checking and troubleshooting is required.  The charges for our Checking/Troubleshooting include two charges, one of which is waivable once you engage our repair services.  The two charges are:

  • Checking charge of S$40 per visit
  • Transportation Charges of  S$40 per visit (note that the transportation charge can be waived off by offsetting  against any charges incurred if you engage our services to rectify your aircon problems.)

Aircon Repair Pricing

aircon repair singapore workshop & repair technican

It is impossible for us to provide a list of pricing for aircon repair as there are many different types of repairs. Hence, aircon repair price is determined on case by case basis. Common factors that causes the price differences are the brand and model of aircon system, the onsite location and accessibility and the extent of repair or replacement required etc.  Please contact us for pricing on aircon repair or parts replacements.

Pricing for Air Con Installation and other services

Aircon Installation - DNE copper pipe Aircon Installation using Class '1' Armaflex Cable used in aircon installation - Keystone Cable

Citicool provides various types of installation services as follow:

  1. Installation of new air con
  2. Installation of used air con
  3. Relocation of air con system
  4. Removal of old air con system

The pricing for the above is dependent on many factors such as type of aircon systems, location, type of premises, etc. Therefore we require more information from you before we can quote a price for our service.

Please note that you can trade in your used aircon to CitiCool. The price we pay for used aircon is dependent on various factors including the brandname, the age and type of aircon systems.

Pricing for Aircon Products

New Air Con & Parts Pricing

Brand New Mitsubishi Aircon Aircon Installation for living room universal aircon remote control sold by aircon servicing company
  1. New air con
  2. Air con Accessories
  3. Aircon Parts

Kindly contact us directly for pricing for new aircon and new aircon accessories or parts.

Pricing for Used (Re-conditioned) Air Con & Parts

secondhand fan coil (different brands of aircon) second hand air con second hand air conditioners in Citicool's workshop
  1. Used (Re-conditioned) air con
  2. Used air con accessories
  3. Used air con parts

Click for the pricing table:     Reconditioned Aircon Pricing

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