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Aircon Chemical Wash

aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul aircon chemical wash (before and after effect)

Aircon Chemical Wash (Chemical Overhaul) Service Rates

The following table shows the pricing for normal aircon chemical wash.

Aircon Chemical Wash for Fan Coil (Wall Mounted) Chemical Solution Used/ Net Charges
Normal Grade Premier Grade
9,000 to 12,000 BTU
S$150 add S$30

  • use very high quality chemical solution normally use in hospital & high class hotel
  • chemical solution is able to eliminate bacteria which cause respiratory problem
  • recommended for aircon user with respiratory problem or low body resistance
18,000 to 24,000 BTU
above 24,000 BTU please call 6876 0581 for quotation
Aircon Chemical Wash for Condenser
from S$100

Note: Above rates are not applicable for ceiling mounted cassette & ducted type fan coil.

Aircon Chemical Wash (Using Normal Chemical Solution) 

Aircon Chemical Wash is so known because we wash all the washable parts in the air conditioner using a chemical solution.  This solution is very effective in flushing away stubborn dirt, dust, grime, grease, mildew and mold.  This chemical solution helps aircon technicians to easily remove stubborn contaminants that are deeply trapped in the aircon parts. Note that when trying to remove contaminants that are usually trapped in the narrow fins of the cooling coil, normal detergents and fine brushes are not as effective as the chemical solution we use.  Therefore, all air conditioners that are wash with our chemical wash solution becomes very clean after washing.  Our chemical wash solution can be used for both residential and commercial aircon.

Note that for aircon users in sensitive industry such as hospital, clinic and high class restaurants or hotel, we recommend them to go for a higher grade premium solution.  Our premium grade chemcial wash solution are tested and proven effective for eliminating specific bacteria that a common in indoor areas.

Premium Grade Aircon Chemical Wash

Premium grade chemical wash solution is highly recommended for the following air con users:

  • people with weak respiratory system;
  • people with low body resistance, especially, babies, infants, kids and seniors; and
  • people who need to chemical wash their aircon frequently, eg. more than 2 times a year.

Our premium grade chemical wash solution is commonly used by hospital, hotel and restaurant outlets.  Besides cleaning away the stubborn dirt, dust, grime and grease that clog your fan coil, our premier grade chemical wash solution will also help in eliminating bacteria commonly found in indoor areas, in particular Legionella Pneumophila (tested and proven with 99.99% reduction rate). We recommend use of this chemical solution if your air conditioners are cooling the room and used by for people with weak respiratory system.

Premium Disinfectant

Our premier disinfectant has 3 important functions. It helps to disinfect, sanitize and deodorize your air conditioner. It is widely used in hospitals, schools, clinics, hospital, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, offices, institutions, factories etc.

Disinfect – It controls and reduces spread of virus infections and reduces the hazard of cross-infection too.

Sanitise – It kills germs on surfaces with its powerful actions that work on frequently handled objects which may spread disease-causing particles.

Deodorise – It eliminates odour, leaving areas clean and fresh smelling.

Tested and proven to be effective disinfections on pre-cleaned, hard, non- porous environmental surfaces against :

• Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
• Staphylococcus aureus
• Salmonella typhosa
• Legionella Pneumophila (Legionnaire’s disease)
• Escherichia coli

Time Required:

The estimated time taken for Chemical Wash Service of a single fan coil unit by two technicians is around 45 mins to one hour. Actual timing depends on the efficiency of the air con technicians, the model of your air con and how dirty your air con is. Total time taken for 3 fan coil units is normally approximately 2 to 2.5 hour.


chemical overhaul or chemical wash

chemical overhaul performed @ HDB flat

Aircon Chemical Wash (Overhaul) Job Scope & Benefits

Scope of Service
Phase 1 – Chemical Wash Process
  • Pump down aircon refrigerants
  • Remove the fan coil from the wall
  • Dismantle the entire fan coil unit including electronic control & drainage device
  • Wash both external and inner components of the fancoil, eg. fancoil cover, air filter, water tray, blower & evaporator etc with chemical solution
  • Flush the drainage system
  • Tighten loosen parts
  • Pump back air refrigerants
  • Clean away stubborn dust, dirt & grime
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase cooling efficiency
  • Deter problems relating to noise, water leaking, icing on coils and condensation on trunking
  • Save energy consumption
  • Prolong air con’s life span
Phase 2 – Commissioning Process
  • Check the refrigerant level after the chemical wash
  • Charge refrigerant (R-22) gas if necessary (limited to 10 pressure point per system) (Not applicable for R410 refrigerant)
  • Test and commission the system

Video on aircon chemical wash (overhaul) for wall-mounted type fan coil  at our customer’s premise

Video on Aircon chemical wash (overhaul) for ceiling cassette type fan coil at our customer’s premise

 Why does your air conditioner need chemical wash?

It is recommended that you clean the air filter of your fan coil monthly or even weekly to keep your air con clean. If you are very conscientious in doing so, why do you still need a chemical wash for your air conditioner? The reason is that you are only cleaning the outer layer of your fan coil unit. The fan coil is made up of many parts and you will not be able to reach the parts and clean them unless you dismantle the fan coil.

If you remove the fan coil from the wall where it is mounted and dismantle all the parts, you will be able to see how filthy the inner parts of the fan coil can be. Refer to the picture below.

Components dismantled for aircon chemical wash

aircon chemical wash - components dimantled for chemical wash

Problems cause by dirty air conditioners

Dirty air conditioners can cause your air conditioner to malfunction and cause many types of air conditioning problems. These problems include but are not limited to the following:

Dirty/clogged parts Symptoms or problems
Fan coil
  • poor air quality (dust, bacteria in the air)
  • air con not cold
  • condensation in air con trunkings
  • icing on evaporator coil
Parts infected with fungi
  •  foul smell/bad odour
  •  aircon sometimes cold, sometimes not cold
Condenser or evaporator coil
  • poor air transfer
Blower or evaporator coil
  • aircon noisy
Drainage pipe
  • water leaking


When you look at the list of air conditioning problems listed above, you may tend to think that something in your air conditioner must have broken down or some parts are defective and warrant a repair or replacement. You may be wrong because very often, these problems surface because your air conditioner is too dirty.  This is the reason why many websites on the internet advise users to regularly maintain their air conditioner to prevent it from breaking down.  Preventive maintenance for your air con means cleaning and washing them on a regular basis.

In addition to the symptoms shown above, when your air conditioner is dirty, your air con components need to work harder to cool your room and this means:

  • Higher wear and tear for your air con, thus reducing air con lifespan
  • Higher energy consumed by your air con, thus increasing electricity bill

In summary, chemical wash service is required periodically if you want to maintain the operating efficiency and effectiveness of your air conditioners and prolong its lifespan.  The frequency of performing chemical wash is dependent on the environment where the air conditioners operate and the extent of its usage.

Using aircon chemical wash solution to clean your evaporator coil

If you take a close look at the evaporator coil, it comprises many layers of aluminium fins. In between the fins there are tiny deep pockets where algae, dust, grimes, oil and grease will inhabit and accumulate. These contaminants are favourite habitat for fungi and bacteria. As long as there are moisture within the air con parts, fungi will soon grow on any of the parts inside the fan coil.

When the air blower in the fan coil sucks air from around the evaporator (cooling) coil and blow the cool air out into your room, it will be releasing air that is polluted with dust, fungi and bacteria. If there are fungi on your fan coil, the air release from the fan coil will be smelly air which stinks. Pollutants release by the air blower of the fan coil will be circulating in your room. People inhaling them will tend to fall sick unless they have strong body resistance to fight these pollutants and bacteria.

Note that you will not be able to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt, grime and grease in your evaporator coil effectively. Neither are you able to use normal detergents to clean away these stubborn dirt stuck in between the fins.The only solution is to treat the evaporator coil with chemical solution which which has special properties that enable you to effectively get rid of all the stubborn impurities and contaminants on the evaporator coils if your rinse them thorough after applying the chemical wash.

The pictures below shows the evaporator coil before and after chemical cleaning service

In picture 1, you see a dirty evaporator coil coated with layers of dust, dirt and grime.  We performed a chemical wash service on the lower half of the evaporator coil.  In picture 2, the black layer of dirt in the lower half of the evaporator coil disappeared after the chemical wash.  Picture 3 gives you a closer look of the fins of the evaporator before and after the chemical wash.

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
Dirty evaporator coil that requires an aircon chemical wash service The lower portion of this evaporator has already been subjected to aircon chemical wash service. evaporator coil before and after aircon chemical wash service
dirty evaporator coil coated with layers of black dirt, dust & grime evaporator coil after chemical wash done at the bottom half
top half – before chemical wash    bottom half – after chemical wash



The pictures below shows the fins of the evaporator coil before and after before chemical cleaning

Before chemical wash After chemical wash
before aircon chemical wash after aircon chemical wash service - evaporator coil is free of dust, dirt and grime
dirty fin clogged with layers of debris clean fin clear of debris


Based on the diagrams above, you can see clearly that performing a chemical wash service on your air conditioner can help to remove the layer of black dirt, dust, grimes and grease stuck on the evaporator coil. Removing all these dirt which clogs in your evaporator coil will enable your fan coil to function properly again. It enables the fan coil to be more energy efficient and helps to prolong the lifespan of your air con. Most important of all, it enables the fan coil to supply you with cleaner and cooler air efficiently.

Aircon Chemical Wash Best Practice Procedures

To perform a proper chemical wash for your fancoil, you need to first pump down the aircon refrigerants before removing the fan coil from the wall where it is mounted. Next you need to dismantle all the parts of the fan coils including the followings:

  • fan coil cover
  • air filter
  • water tray
  • printed circuit board (PCB)
  • evaporator coil
  • air blower
  • fan motor
  • chassis

Note that the printed circuit board (PCB) and the fan motor in the fan coil should stay clear from any water as water can make it defective. Similarly, both the PCB and compressor in the condenser should be protected.

Note that you may be able to wash some parts of the air conditioner with normal detergents although it is not as effective as chemical solution. However, note that normal detergents is not effective in getting rid of the dirty particles clogging the evaporator coil (cooling coil) or condensing coil as normal detergents will not be able penetrate and remove stubborn dirt and grease clogging the coil. You also won’t be able to remove or clean the evaporator coil thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner.

You need to apply chemical solution to all the dirty parts and coils for about 5 to 10 minutes and spray the parts with water to clean and rinse away all the dirt and grease as well as the chemical used on the parts. After that, you need to dry the parts before assembling them back. When assembling the parts, you need to make sure that the various parts are tightened as loosen parts can make your air conditioner noisy.  After assembling back the fan coil, you will need to pump back the aircon refrigerant to the correct level. Next, you should commission the air conditioning system and test whether it is working properly.

The entire process for performing a proper chemical wash on a fan coil will require two technicians at least 45 minutes to one hour to complete. The exact time required will depend on how dirty the fan coil unit is and how fast the technicians work.  The various procedures described above shows that performing chemical wash on your fan coil requires certain level of technical knowledge.  Unless you have the relevant technical knowledge, we recommend that you engage an experience aircon company to help you with the chemical wash.

Check on CitiCool’s Service quality by reading the review provided by Citicool’s customers on various forum and market place.

Use of Normal Aircon Chemical Wash Solution

There are various types of chemical wash solution. CitiCool uses alkaline base solutions which is specially formulated with a mixture of additives that enable it to penetrate through dirt, dust and grimes. Using this solution can help to remove dirt, grimes, fungi, grease and oil accumulation on evaporator and condenser coils quickly. Use of normal detergents or vacuum cleaning will not be able to do the job as effectively as aircon chemical solution is specially formulated for cleaning of aircon coils.

Use of Premier Aircon Chemical Wash Solution

Use of premier chemical wash solution has additional benefits. It not only helps to get rid of all the contaminants in your aircon, it also helps to eliminates disease causing bacteria.

CitiCool uses a premier chemical wash solution helps to eliminate bacteria commonly found in indoor areas, in particular Legionella Pneumophila(99.99% reduction rate). The bacteria Legionella Pneumophilais a common cause for respiratory related diseases such as cough, lung infection and pneumonia etc. Our premier chemical wash solution is commonly used by hospitals and hotels, and even famous restaurants including McDonald.

Why choose CitiCool to help you with your aircon chemical wash/cleaning?

We only use best practice procedure to perform chemical wash, we do not advocate any type of short cut procedure which can be damaging for your air conditioner. Therefore we only offer one type of chemical wash service which is known as chemical overhaul by air con servicing companies in Singapore.

We only use experienced staff on the job. You can be rest assured that your air conditioner is thoroughly clean and assembled back properly with the correct level of air refrigerant pump back to your air conditioning unit.

For customers with weak respiratory system, CitiCool offers a premier solution that will help to eliminate 99.9% of Legionella Pneumophila, which is a common indoor bacterium that can cause respiratory problems.

Effects of aircon chemical wash: how it benefit your air conditioners

Performing a chemical wash on your air conditioners will have many benefits for your air conditioners. The benefits include but are not limited to the followings:

  • Improve air quality
  • Improve cooling efficiency
  • Improve air transfer with the air conditioning system
  • deter smelly air problem
  • deter condensation in air con trunkings problem
  • deter icing on evaporator or condenser coil problem
  • deter noise problem
  • deter water leaking problem

Besides the above benefits, chemical wash makes your air con very clean and become more efficient and uses lesser energy to function effectively.  Cleaner air con also has lesser wear and tear, thus enabling the air con to have a longer lifespan.  Most important of all, it enable you to save on electricity bills and repair cost.

The picture below shows the air con parts before and after chemical cleaning


Before Chemical Wash After Chemical Wash
dirty fan coil parts before chemical wash is done fan coil parts after chemical wash service
dirty fan coil parts before chemical wash cleaner fan coil parts after chemical wash

Watch the following video to understand the importance of aircon chemical wash

Aircon Chemical Wash Service vs General Aircon Cleaning Service

There were instances where customers approached us for aircon chemical wash service but we advised them against it.  Normally, we will check the condition of our customers’ air conditioning system to see if it is due for a chemical cleaning.  If a chemical cleaning is unnecessary, we will advise our customers to go for a general aircon cleaning instead.  We always believe that if condition allow, we should help our customer to save.  Our mission is to provide good service quality and build a long term trustworthy relationship with all our customers. If you are interested in reading more on this topic, we have written an article on our blog on General Aircon Cleaning Service vs Aircon Chemical Wash Service.

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