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New Air Conditioners

CitiCool’s New Aircon Products

There are many brands and models of air conditioning systems in the market today. Thus, it can be very hard to choose the right air con system without prior experiences. At Citicool, we offer advice to our clients on what type of new air conditioners to invest in depending on their budget, preferences and usage. We also offer very competitive pricing for the range of new air conditioners that we carry. For information on the brands we carry, please read on below.

The major brands of new air conditioner systems that CitiCool offers for sale include:

  • Mitsubishi Aircon (Starmex)
  • Daikin Aircon
  • Panasonic Aircon
  • Fujitsu Aircon.

We also offer the following brands for sale. However, currently our Site does not provide details and specification for these brands of air conditioning systems. If you are interested in any of the brands listed below, please contact us directly for more information.

  • Sanyo Air Con
  • Samsung Air Con
  • LG Air Con
  • Toshiba Air Con
  • York Air Con

Before deciding on which brand, model and type of new air conditioner system to purchase, it will be useful to read up on the followings :

  • Cooling Capacity based on room size
  • Understanding the Energy Saving Label

Besides selling air conditioning system, we also sell parts and accessories for all the major brands of air conditioning systems. Kindly contact our mainline for more details.

How to determine the cooling capacity based on room size?

Based on Singapore weather, you can compute the cooling capacity of your aircon based on the following formula:

Estimated Cooling Capacity required (BTU/HR) = Area of Room in Square feet x 65

Estimated Cooling Capacity required (BTU/HR) = Area of Room in Square meter x 699

Note that fancoil cooling capacity comes in standard sizes of 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU etc. Therefore, you will have to do some rounding up.

Note that the 9,000 BTU cooling capacity is generally more than sufficient for HDB bedroom units which has a square area of approximately 8 to 15 square meters unless there are other factors to take into consideration。

Additional Factors for consideration:

Based on Energy Star [a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)] recommendation, you may like to adjust the cooling capacity by plus or minus 10% if the room is facing direct sunshine (eg high floor, east/west facing) or highly shaded. For kitchen unit, you will require an additional cooling capacity of 4,000 BTU. If you have more than 2 occupants in a room, you may need to increase the capacity by 600 BTU per person.

New air conditioners installation

New air conditioners are sold with aircon installation.  Aircon installation prices are quite standard for HDB housing because the room area and the places for housing the condensers for most HDB flat are quite standard. However, for private appartments and premises, floor area and architecture of the housing varies for different types of properties.  Therefore, aircon servicing vendor would need an to pay an onsite visit before they can determine the level of difficulties involved in the installation before they can compute the manhour and amount of materials required for the installation of the new air conditioners.  Therefore, it is impossible to provide a standard pricing for installing new air conditioners for such premises unless we have the required information.  To understand more about aircon installation for your new aircon, click on the link provided below:

What you need to know about aircon installation?

Understanding the Energy Saving Label

When buying new air conditioners, you should look at the energy label attached to the aircon to check its ability to save energy consumption.

National Environment Agency has re-design the energy label for air-conditioners and various electrical appliances on 1 September 2014 to improve its readability and add new information such as the estimated annual energy cost of using the product. The new label is shown below.

energy saving labelFeatures found on the label

(1) Energy Efficiency Rating

(2) Ticks

(3) Annual Energy Cost

(4) Annual Energy Consumption

(5) Brand name

(6) Model

(7) Type

(8) Size

(9) Test Standards

(10) Disclaimer

(11) Registration Number

For more information on how to read the label above, check on the link below:

Air Con (Efficiency Label)

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