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regular aircon service is important for your air conditioner

Aircon Servicing Deals for Residential Premises

Citicool benchmark its aircon servicing rates to deliver a value for money service to our customers. All the aircon servicing deals listed on our website are for residential premises only. Charges for commercial offices may vary depending on location and frequency of maintenance. Commercial customers are advised to contact our company’s sale personnel for further details and quotations.

General Aircon Servicing

General aircon servicing or cleaning will help your air conditioners work with better efficiency to produce cleaner and healthier air. The general aircon servicing rates below applies to a one time service charge. Take note that the per unit aircon servicing deal decrease as the number of air con units serviced increase. If you service your air con units more than once a year or regularly, you should refer to the maintenance service contract rates as the rates for periodic aircon servicing and maintenance are much cheaper due to high level of discount.


General Aircon Servicing Deals

No. of Fan Coils  Net Charges
1 S$50
2 S$80
3 S$100
4 or more S$30 /unit
Scope of Service Areas Covered Benefits
Cleaning & Maintenance
  1. Clean aircon cover
  2. Clean air filter
  3. Clean evaportor coil
  4. Clean drainage tray
  5. Vacuum drainage pipe
  6. Clean blower fan
  7. Clean blower wheels
  8. Lubricate motor parts
  9. Tighten electrical contact
  1. improve efficiency
  2. improve cooling performance
  3. reduce energy consumption
  4. lower electricity bill
  5. cleaner & healthier air
  6. reduce risk of water leakage
  7. reduce noise problem
  8. prolong air con lifespan
Checking & Testing
  1. Check serviceability of moving parts
  2. Check all electrical components
  3. Check refrigerant level
  4. Test blower air flow level
  5. Test and commission the fan coil
Note: Above rates are not applicable for ceiling mounted cassette & ducted type fan coil. Charges exclude services such as topping up of freon gas, chemical cleaning, replacement of parts and repair work. 
Time Required:
The general aircon servicing of one fan coil unit is approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Actual timing varies according to onsite condition, different models of air con and the efficiency of the aircon technician.

General Aircon Servicing Work Scope

General Aircon Servicing Onsite Work Scope

1. Dismantle parts for offsite aircon cleaning service

Parts to be dismantled for offisite aircon cleaning service include fan coil cover, drainage pipe, air blower (for most models, this can be done.  However, for a specific fan coil model, dismantling can’t be done without removing the entire fan coil from the wall for dismantling.  In this case the aircon blower will not be removed for offisite cleaning.  Cleaning will only be done onsite.  For these specific models of air conditioner, the blower wheel will only be dismantled from the fan coil for offsite cleaning during chemical wash as the entire fan coil is removed from the wall for dismantling of all the parts during a chemical wash service.)

2. Perform onsite aircon cleaning service

Onsite general aircon servicing refers to cleaning done at the site where the fan coil is located.  This include brushing, mopping with cloth and vacuuming.  Areas around the evaporator coils and where the blowers is located will be cleaned.

The first pictures below show the aircon technician attaching a vacuum to clean the drainage pipe.  The second picture shows him mopping the area where the blower is placed.  The third picture shows him mopping the evaporator coil.  The onsite work scope for general aircon servicing basically include brushing, mopping and vacuuming to remove dirt and dust from the easily reachable areas.

The pictures below show the aircon technician vacuuming the evaporator coil and areas around the evaporator coil and the blower location.  Note that dust trapped in the coil can affect air transfer thus affecting the cooling efficiency of the fan coil.

aircon servicing onsite using vacuuming

General Aircon Servicing Offsite Work Scope

Offsite aircon service (i.e. work performed not at the location where the fan coil is mounted) refers to bringing the aircon parts to another location for cleaning.  In most cases, the cleaning is done offsite at a toilet located in the same premises.  The pictures below show the aircon technician brushing and cleaning the aircon parts with water.  The parts he is cleaning include blower wheel, filter and drainage tray. 


The pictures below show the aircon technician cleaning the fan coil cover with brush and water.


After all the above onsite and offsite cleaning of the various parts of the air conditioner, the aircon technician will assemble back all the cleaned parts and test and commission the fan coil onsite.  The total time taken by both technicians to perform the entire general air con service is around 15 to 30 minutes per fan coil.  The total time taken depends very much on how dirty the fan coil is and the productivity of the air con technicians.  In some extreme cases, the general cleaning may even take more then 30 minutes.


Important points to note:

1. Important scope of work covered to take note in general aircon servicing package

Take a look at how dirty some blower wheels in the fan coil can be before and after cleaning.  Therefore, cleaning of the blower wheel can be quite time consuming if it’s very dirty.   A responsible aircon servicing company will normally include the cleaning of the bowler wheels in general aircon servicing.  (Except for those blower wheels which are impossible to dismantle without removing the entire fan coil off the wall.  This only applies to very limited brand of air conditioner models).   

Therefore, check with aircon servicing company in Singapore whether their service include dismantling and cleaning of the blower wheel.  We noticed that some vendors actually charged the cleaning of blower wheel separately, i.e. optional BUT this option is not stated on  not their website or flyers.  As a result, customers may think that they are offered a full scope of general servicing, not knowing that the vendor will only clean the wheel blower based on request and additional payment.

In conclusion, if you are engaging an air conditioning company for general aircon servicing, always check if they perform a full scope service.  If cleaning of important parts such as the blower wheel, evaporator coil and drainage pipe are not included in the service, such normal cleaning and maintenance will not be effective as your fan coil will still be dirty after the cleaning.  This is not a proper maintenance for the fan coil.

2.  Suitability of General Aircon Servicing

Sometimes during general cleaning, our technician may observe that the entire fan coil is too dirty.  Therefore, general aircon servicing will not be an effective way of maintaining the efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner. In such cases, chemical wash ( also known as chemical overhaul) would be more suitable for the air conditioners.  For such scenario, customers will be advised accordingly that they should select chemcial wash service instead of general aircon service for their air conditioner in their next  air con maintenance service.

Our website provided a very answer to a comprehensive set of questions relating to aircon services and maintenance.  You may like to click on the link below to read more.

FAQ for aircon cleaning and services

3.  Cost saving option

Normally it is much cheaper to go for a maintenance contract for general aircon cleaning service.  You can choose to service your air conditioner 2 to 12 times a year during on the environment you are in and the extent of usage.  Details of such pricing can be found in the next section in this page.

Video showing CitiCool’s technicians performing general aircon servicing for wall-mounted fan coil at our customer’s premise.

 Aircon Maintenance Service Contract

Regular servicing and maintenance is necessary for air conditioners with high or heavy usage. If you need to service and maintain your air conditioners regularly, you should consider signing a yearly maintenance contract. This will help to reduce the cost of maintenance for your air conditioners.  If you sign a maintenance service contract with Citicool, you can enjoy regular maintenance of your air conditioners in a timely manner. As a result, you can always enjoy clean and cool air at a cheaper rate. You will also saved money in the long run because regular servicing of your air con will help to extend the life span of your air conditioners.

Aircon Maintenance Service Contract Rates (For Periodic Maintenance)

Fan Coil BTU Net Charges 2x /3x /4x yearly 6x / 12x yearly
15% discount 20% discount
2 S$80
3 S$100
4 or more S$30 /unit
Sample Computation based on 15% and 20% discount

2x /3x /4x yearly

(15% discount)

4x yearly for 3 fan coils


After discount = $S340 

Savings = S$60      

Rate per FCU =$S28.33

4x yearly for 4 fan coils


After discount = $S408

Savings = $72        

Rate per FCU =$S25.50

6x / 12x yearly

(20% discount)

6x yearly for 3 fan coils


After discount =$S480 

Savings = S$120    

Rate per FCU =$S26.66

12x yearly for 4 fan coils


After discount = S$1152

Savings = S$288    

Rate per FCU =$S24.00

Scope of Service
  • Provide general air con cleaning service
  • Topping up of freon (R22) gas, (limited to 5 pressure point per system per trip)
  • Huge Discount on general cleaning service
  • FOC topping up of freon (R22) gas (note that topping up of gas is only necessary if there is gas leakages)
Note: Above charges are not applicable for ceiling mounted cassette & ducted type fan coil.  Payment Term: One year upfront non-refundable payment.
Time Required:The time taken to perform general aircon servicing of one fan coil unit is approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Actual timing varies according to onsite condition, different models of air con and the efficiency of the aircon technician.




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