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Aircon Servicing Review & Testimonial


Citicool’s mission is “to deliver our aircon servicing with high integrity and service quality so that our customers will highly recommend us as a reliable and trustworthy company for aircon servicing”. We believe that action speaks louder than words. We believe that if we maintain our service quality for our customers, our customers will definitely speak on our behalf so that more people can benefit from our service.  Our effort has paid off over the years because more and more customers voluntarily provided aircon servicing review for CiTiCool. These reviews can be found on our facebook and various online forums and market places.  We have gathered some of these aircon servicing review provided by our customers for your easy viewing below.

Aircon servicing review provided by customers online

The reviews provided in the above video were extracted online and video for you easy viewing.  You may like to click on the link below for your reference: 

Citicool’s Customers’ Review

Aircon servicing review provided by customers on CiTiCool’s Facebook 


Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Review 2017 and 2018 – by Haidi Ahmad and Monica Abdullah (new customers) 


best and reliable first choice aircon servicing by citicoolaircon


Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Review 2016 – by Brian (new customer)


On 19 December 2016, we received an email via our Website Enquiry Form from a new customer.  However, we noted that this cusomter was actually providing a testimonial on CitiCool’s customer service. The following extract shows the Web Enquiry Form submitted by him and we received it via our email.  We have highlighted his testimonial on our aircon service in yellow below for easy reference.


Sent: Monday, 19 December 2016 8:55 PM
To: note that this email address has been delete for our website security 
Subject: Website Enquiry



Your Name: Brian

Your Phone Number: Note that this information has been deleted for data protection purpose

Your Email Address: Note that this information has been deleted for data protection purpose

Your Enquiry: Hi Kenny,

I am really impressed by the speed of your response today. And you actually take so much time to explain to me all the details. If everyone in Singapore can do business like you or treat everyone with that professionalism, life will be happier and more pleasant.

Well done!




We responded to his comments above by requesting him to post his comments on our Facebook review page instead.  He did so immediately on the same day.  The following is an extract of his post on our Facebook review page.



highly recommonded aircon servicing company


Read the original Citicool’s aircon servicing review by the above customers on Citicool’s facebook


Aircon servicing review provided by existing customers of CiTiCool


  Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Review 2014 – by Valerie (our customer for 7 years)


valerie & kenny
Citicool has been servicing our air conditioner units for seven years. We appreciate their efficient and effective service as well as the friendliness of their staff. When unexpected needs arise they are quick to try to fit us into their schedule so the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible. We have appreciated their good, consistent service over the years and would highly recommend them to you.

Note: Valerie left Singapore for a few years and when she came back to Singapore, she continued to engage CitiCool for her all the aircon services at her new premise.

Read the original Citicool’s aircon servicing review by Ms Valerie on facebook


This testimonial was written by Valerie and sent to us via facebook chat on Mr James Kelley Ditzenburger facebook account for us to post and share on our timeline. To take a look at the original testimonial, you need to log in to facebook and click on the link below.


Click on this link Testimonial by Ms Valerie



Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Review 2014 – by Jenny Wee (our new customer)


jenny wee
The aircon service technician who went the extra mile and made my day! The air condition unit in one of my shop leaked water suddenly and my usual aircon contractor was not able to come by on such short notice!!! Fellow SMEs owner will empathize with my stress!!! I managed to contact Mr Kenny from Citicool Aircon who arranged for someone to come by the very next day. A very tall and macho looking 林先生 appeared punctually at my shop today. He took a quick look and told me that the leaking is due to dust accumulation and will be solved by a thorough cleaning. But I explained to him that my shop will be undergoing a major renovation on Monday. He suggested that I should do a cleaning work after the renovation but he will do a quick cleaning for me to solve the leak temporary. His QUICK CLEANING includes stripping the aircon unit and vacuuming the parts carefully and it took around 20 minutes. He cleared up the mess meticulously too by vacuuming all the dirt on the floor and seats! And he did these for free!!! I wanted a quick photo with him but he turned me down saying it’s nothing. Heee..I managed to take a paparazzi shot of him when he was walking to his car.


Thank you 林先生 for your kind act. Though it’s a simple gesture for you, it meant a Big deal to me! You could have easily left as you are not obliged to solve the matter for me. So I highly recommend 林先生 from http://citicoolaircon.com. If you need any aircon servicing done. Speak with Kenny…… Kenny told me that 林先生 has been working in his company for a few decades and a very kind and humble man! I am writing this testimonial to be sent to Citicool Aircon for a few reasons (and NOT because I got my problem solved for free. In fact I have called up his boss to arrange for a servicing appointment with their company!): 1. To help fellow SMEs. 2. We need more 林先生 in our society. 3. I told Kenny that I hope through my sharing it will promote positive behaviour among his staff. 4. I have benefitted from an act of kindness and I am doing my part as a member of the society by Paying it Forward.


Read the original Citicool’s aircon servicing review by Ms Jenny Wee on facebook


This testimonial was posted by Ms Jenny Wee Log on her facebook timeline and shared on our timeline. To take a look at the original testimonial, you need to log in to facebook and click on the link below.


Click on this link Testimonial by Ms Jenny Wee



Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Review 2014 – by Ms Koh (our employee)


Our boss is a very honest person. He only recommends a solution that is in the best interest of his customers. There were many instances where customers were misled by their vendor. However, our boss help them save money by providing them with a correct picture of their aircon problem. Once, there was a new customer whose aircon servicing vendor told him his fancoil was faulty. He was told that he need to repair or change his fancoil. My boss did a diagnosis on his aircon and found that only the wire was faulty. He informed the customer accordingly.


Some customers wanted to perform chemical cleaning on their aircon. Sometimes, my boss find that chemical cleaning is actually unnecessary for their air con. He will tell them honestly that a general cleaning is sufficient although chemical wash would be more profitable for our company. I believe it is this honest and trustworthy virtue that has helped my boss built and nurture good relationship with his clients. In fact, many of our existing customers highly recommended our aircon servicing to their friends and referred new customers to us.


Citicool’s mission is to deliver our aircon services with high integrity and service quality so that our customers will highly recommend us as a reliable and trustworthy company for aircon servicing. To achieve this mission, we have our boss as our role model. If you are looking for a reliable and honest company that charge a competitive price, Citicool should be at the top of your list. [Contributed by Ms Koh (employee of Citicool)]




We love you to give us a feedback or review on our services


Citicool greatly appreciated our customers and employees for writing aircon servicing review or testimonial for us voluntarily despite their busy schedule. We are very conscientious in monitoring the service quality of our aircon servicing regularly. Any aircon servicing review done for CitiCool verbally or in written form are most welcome. Your feedback and suggestions is valuable and important to us. This is because it serves as our performance evaluation and a measurement on whether we have achieve our company’s mission. Therefore, we always welcome all forms of aircon servicing review and feedback from our customers. If due to any reasons we have not achieved our company mission, we hope to achieve it the next round we service your air conditioners again.


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