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Is aircon leaking water a serious aircon problem ? 

Aircon leaking water (Indoor Unit)

If you are having a concern over aircon leaking water in your indoor unit, actually, it may or may not be a problem of concern.  For example, you may spot some water around the evaporator coil of the air conditioner (“AC”) unit.  There is no need to panic as this is actually due to condensation of the evaporator coil and this is quite normal.  Sometimes, you may even spot a small pool of water.  Actually, there is no need to be too worried also.

However, you need to have some concern if you spotted an abnormally big amount of water leaking from the fan coil.  This is really an aircon leaking water problem.  However, this problem can be solved easily with the help of an aircon technician.  Normally, its quite easy to solve the problem.  Let’s explore on where the problem lies so that you can understand the extent and type of work required to solve the problem.

What causes aircon leaking water problem?

Possibilities for aircon leaking water include but are not limited to:

  • drainage pipe is dirty or blocked;
  • drainage pipe not properly installed ; or
  • refrigerant level is too low

I:  Drainage pipe is dirty or blocked

One very common reason resulting in the problem of aircon leaking water is due to blockage in the drainage pipe. Whether you use the air conditioner frequently or not, there will be dust, dirt or debris accumulated inside the drainage pipe over time.  In fact, the higher the usage of your air con, the faster dust, debris and even mould will accumulate in the drainage pipe.  In addition, over time, the pipe may become rusty and cracks may form also. This is especially so if your air con is a very old system. Therefore, if you did not service your air con regularly, the accumulation of all kinds of debris in the drainage pipe will start to cause blockage.  This blockage in your drainage pipe is definitely contributing to your aircon leaking water.

II: drainage pipe not properly installed

If your air conditioning system is very new yet it starts to have water leaking problem, one of the likely cause is due to improper installation of the drainage pipe.  Some possible installation problems include but are not limited to:

  • the drainage pipe was not installed with a correct gradient
  • the drainage pipe was not connected correctly
  • the drainage pan was not fitted in correctly

III: Refrigerant Level is low

When the refrigerant level in your air conditioning system is too low, it will result in pressure which can cause the evaporator coil to freeze over. When the ice starts to melt, water will flow into the drainage pan.  An excessive amount of water flowing into the drainage pan will cause an overflow.  This will result in your aircon leaking water.

What to do if you have aircon leaking water problem?

Once you identify your aircon leaking water, the best thing to do is to switch it off.  Whenever there is water around an electrical item, there is hazard.  It is also better to turn off the air conditioner.  Otherwise, the aircon leaking water problem can accelerate in more problems causing further damages to your air conditioning system.  Therefore, it is advisable to switch it off and stop using the air conditioner until the problem is resolved.

Engaging  professional help to solve your aircon leaking water problem

If your air conditioner (AC)  system is newly installed, then it is very likely that the AC leaking water is a result of poor AC installation.  You should contact your AC supplier to do the troubleshooting since your AC should be still under warranty.

If you have been using your aircon for some time and have not been servicing it.  It is likely that your AC leaks water due to drainage pipe blockage.  The solution is either to perform a general aircon servicing or a chemical wash (also known as chemical overhaul) to eradicate the problem.  Which service to perform really depends on the extent of the blockages.  If you are not sure which is a better solution, you should engage a professional opinion.

In fact, there are certain risks involved if you try to solve the aircon leaking water problem by yourself.  Dealing with water in an electrical appliances actually involve danger, especially for a layman.  Do contact CitiCool if you need help.  We are just one phone call away.  Sometimes we are able to assess the likely causes and extent of the problem if you are able to provide us the answer to a few relevant questions.  Sometime, we may need to go onsite to perform troubleshooting before giving you the right advise.  Just feel free to give us a call.

 How to prevent aircon leaking water problem?

Prevention is always better then cure.  The following are some useful tips on how to maintain your aircon to prevent it from leaking water:

  1. Clean or change the air filter regularly. This can help to remove the dirt that may be blown into your drainage pipe.
  2. Service and maintain the cleanliness of drainage pipe regularly to prevent blockage
  3. Check that the refrigerant level is appropriate and not too low.

Further prevention also include:

  • Having an additional drainage pan to stall excessive water flowing from the existing drainage pan.
  • Having an additional drainage pipe (secondary piping) installed for usage in the event the existing one becomes clogged.

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