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Aircon Gas Top Up

Read this before agreeing to aircon gas top up

Some new customers told us their previous aircon servicing companies always suggest topping up gas (refrigerant) for them after the aircon cleaning. PLEASE BEWARE. We received some comments from our aircon technicians who have friends working for aircon servicing company in Singapore. These companies charge very low rate for aircon servicing BUT they will tell you that your aircon need to top up gas. They will charge a very high rate for aircon gas top up. Many customers ended up paying more $$$. Actually, nothing is wrong with the aircon and there is no leakage. In fact, the aircon servicing company will either top up a little gas for show or do nothing at all.

Important: Unless there are unsealed leakages in your air conditioning system, there is no need for you to top up gas for your aircon regularly.

If your aircon takes a long time to cool your room, the most common problem is because it is dirty. You can try cleaning the air filter yourself. If this doesn’t work, ask an aircon servicing company to do general cleaning or chemical wash service for you.

The gas (refrigerant) in your aircon works like the gas (refrigerant) used in your refrigerator. Ask yourself, your fridge is on 24 hours a day. Do you need to top up gas regularly for your fridge? Answer is NO. You can use your fridge for many years without having to top up gas. The same goes for your aircon.

When do you need to top up gas for your aircon?

Answer: Only when there are unsealed leakages in your air con system. If this happens, you need to seal the leaking area or get the leaking part replaced before topping up gas. Once the leaking area is sealed, you don’t need to top up gas until leaking happen again.

What are some common causes of gas leakages?

  1. Improper installation of your aircon.
  2. Poor quality copper pipe used.
  3. Chemical residue left over from improper chemical wash procedure causing corrosion in your air conditioning system.

Note that if your aircon is properly installed with quality piping and properly maintained, it is unlikely to have gas leakages. If there are leakages, you need to seal the leakage area to stop the leaking before topping up the gas.

There is no need to top up gas regularly unless there is unsealed leakages in your air conditioning system.

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