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The aircon compressor is the most recognizable part of a split air conditioning unit. The brand of the compressor does not have to match the brand of your heating unit. The compressor is the part of the unit that sits outside of the house and creates the cool air that gets pushed into the house. There are several brands that make reliable compressor.

Samsung: Three Compressor Models
Samsung has been manufacturing aircon compressors for decades and they currently produce three of the best compressors in the industry. Their reciprocating compressor is an eco-friendly option that functions smoothly in all situations. A reciprocating compressor works by using pistons to compress air, like a combustion engine. It uses a crankshaft to get the pistons moving so gas can enter when the pistons are pulled back. The machine requires constant pressure to keep working.

Their rotary compressor is another favorite. This style works with two screws that spin simultaneously. They are rather quiet because there is little vibration when they spin. As the screws spin, the gas rises to the top where it is cooled and cools the air.

The third type is the scroll compressor, which has a smaller footprint than Samsung’s other two types of compressors. This type of compressor has been used for over 100 years and continues to be popular because it continues to efficiently cool air. It has two metal spirals inside that suck air in and spin it to the outer edges of the spirals. There, it is cooled and then released back into the environment.

Daikin Compressors: Creating a New Design
This is a popular brand that makes its own aircon compressors in its own factories. Daikin understands that without the compressor, the air conditioning system will not work. Their compressors actually increase pressure so the refrigerant gets even cooler and works more efficiently to cool your tropical home. They offer several styles of compressors, including a swing compressors as well as a scroll and single-screw model. The swing compressor is an incredibly efficient compressor for hot climates because it only has one moving part that is controlled by electro-magnets, so the single piston only moves a small amount. It requires little-to-no maintenance and has very little vibration and noise. It can even work when placed a a tilt up to 30 degrees.

Sabroe Compressors: High Quality Products
This brand of aircon compressors is designed to meet the needs of anyone who wants a cool spot in a tropical climate. They work with a variety of different refrigerants, like natural ammonia, as well as calcium chloride, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, and water. The company makes the traditional screw compressors. They also make a reciprocating compressor. Sabroe tests every compressor in their factories before they put them out for sale to the public. This brand is part of the global group Johnson Controls, a highly respected manufacturer of industrial and residential products that make life more comfortable.