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New technology and features are built into air conditioners with each and every new model released, but more often than not you will only require a few of these features. Here are some of the technologies and features we will want to think about when shopping for a new aircon.

Independent Dehumidification Setting

Just about every air-con controls humidity in addition to cooling, but there are some days that are more humid than hot, and this is where the independent dehumidification setting shines, especially in hot and wet Singapore.

Remote Control

A Remote with easy-to-operate buttons is ideal. Besides not having to figure out complicated buttons, one can change the temperature while watching a soccer match on television and not have to get up.

Timer and Sleep Mode

Self-cooling the room half an hour before you get home, and automatically turning off an hour after you fall asleep are just some of the benefits of having a timer setting on your air-con. Some units have a Sleep Mode customised for a better sleeping experience, which is quieter and has more controlled airflow.

Motion sensors

This technology is great for automatic cooling. Sensors will pick up when a person enters a room, and cool the room accordingly after noticing the temperature rise. This feature is usually found in reverse cycle systems.

System check lights

System check lights are a great addition to the aircon as they help you notice which parts might not be working well. They help keep up with maintenance to keep the system running as long and as well as possible.

SEER efficient

A minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 12 gives great energy savings. Better yet, an Energy Star unit saves you 20% or more in electricity costs. It may have a higher initial cost but long-term savings more than make up for it.

Easy-to-remove Aircon Filter

Some aircons feature easy-to-remove-and-clean aircon filters and saves you to hassle of having to unscrew and remove panels to get to the filter. They are usually just pull and release type.

Nano System and Anti-Allergen Filtration System

These systems work by trapping dust particles and odours, thus ensuring clean breathable air. This is good for homes with young or old people, or those suffering from breathing problems like Asthma.

Fan Speeds

Most Air-conditioners allow you to choose from a set of 3-4 fan speeds to suit your needs, from low to very high. You may want to set lower fan speeds when reading or sleeping, and higher ones on a hot day.


Some split systems have an intelligent energy-saving mode which use only as much energy as needed at any given time. This translates into more automatic energy savings and convenience.

Low-noise Priority Function / Silent operation

New fan and grille designs have minimal airflow resistance, and the priority function reduces noise as much as 3dB when the outside temperature falls and silent operation have noise ratings as low as 19dB.

(Note: The decibel (abbreviated dB) is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. For example, a whisper is equal to 15 dB).

So many features, which do I need?

As Aircon brands are competitive, most recognised aircons already come equipped with an array of state-of-the-art aircon technology. It really depends on what are your individual requirements. Are you a light sleeper? If so you may want to go for the quietest aircon. Do you have grandparents at home? Then you may want to have the Nano Air System.