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Reconditioned Air Conditioners


Second hand air conditioners in Citicool's Workshop

Second hand casettes, fan coils and condensers

secondhand aircon fan coil and condensers

secondhand aircon fan coils and condensers

Sale of Reconditioned Air Conditioners

Used air con if properly reconditioned can be used effectively to cool your room for many more years. In fact, we maintain quite a substantial stock of reconditioned air conditioners and their usable parts to cater to consumers with an economical budget. Currently, we are one of the biggest sellers of second hand air con in Singapore. We recondition and test all used air con and their parts strictly before selling them to interested parties.


seondhand Mitsubishi Aircon

Second hand Mitsubishi Aircon (Mr Slim Inverter) – Sold item

Second hand fan coils from different brands of aircon.

Second hand fan coils from different brands of aircon.

Reconditioning of second hand/ used air conditioners

All our second hand aircon are reconditioned by veteran technicians in our company.  Major procedures in reconditioning of used air con include:

  • Conducting various test to see if the aircon is functioning properly.
  • Perform troubleshooting for aircon that is malfunctioning.
  • Repair or replace defective parts.
  • Perform chemical wash on both the fan coil and condenser.
  • Commission the air con to ensure it is functioning effectively.

We will only sell those air con that have passed our outgoing quality control test to ensure that it is functioning effectively before it is sold to our customers. Reconditioned air conditioners are normally sold with installation service and we use high quality materials in our installation. Therefore, our reconditioned air conditioners can be as reliable as a new air con in cooling your premises. Therefore, we can be rest assured when we provide a longer warranty period for our reconditioned air conditioners.

Second hand air con parts and accessories

We also sell second hand air con parts and accessories that are still pretty new and usable. Some second hand air con key components are very much cheaper than the new ones. If you are interested in any second hand air con parts and accessories, please email or call us directly to check for availability of stock or pricing.

Why Choose CitiCool for Reconditioned Aircon?

We are one of the biggest vendor for second hand reconditioned air-con in Singapore. Therefore, we tend to have the goods you are looking for as we have a high volume of second hand air-con for consumers looking for budget air-con.

  • We only pick and choose the newer and reliable stocks to sell. We will scrap away all the older stocks and sell them to karunguni.
  • We only sell branded and reliable second hand air conditioners, eg. Mitsubishi, Daikin, Panasonic and Fujitsu.
  • All our second hand aircon are reconditioned by veteran technicians who has been working in the aircon industry all their life under best practice procedures. They are the team that recondition all our second hand aircon and give the aircon a new life so that it can function like it is a new aircon.
  • All our second hand aircon comes with a long warranty period for the parts which can be extended for free if you sign our maintenance service concurrently. Our maintenance services are offered at highly discounted price.
  • We only use high quality materials for installation.
  • We have been selling second hand aircon in the past 10 years. You can be sure we are still around for the warranty in the event you have any problem with your aircon.

Precaution to take when purchasing re-conditioned aircon

Unlike new air conditioners which comes with direct warranty from the manufacturers, warranty for reconditioned aircon are offered directly from the aircon servicing company selling the aircon to you. Therefore, you need to take extra precaution to make sure that the company is an established company which is creditable. Otherwise, you may be buying a cheap aircon with a very long warranty period but you may not be able to find the company or seller when your aircon has problem.  It is also important to check on the type of materials used for the installation of the aircon.


Pricing for Reconditioned Air Conditioners (secondhand used aircon)

The pricing provided in the table is indicative pricing only. The exact price of each system is dependent on the age and cooling capacity (BTU) of the air con. The pricing shown below is inclusive of installation service for HDB housing only. Pricing for other premises is subject to site viewing.

Type of Air Con Net Charges S$
Single split from $750.00
System 2 from $1450.00
System 3 from $1650.00
Window Unit (9,000 BTU) $ 300
Casement Unit (7,000 BTU) $380
Stainless steel bracket $150.00


    1. Except for casement unit, all the above pricing are based on fan coil unit of 9,000 BTU and inclusive of installation for HDB flat only.  (Not valid for other types of premises.)
    2. Materials used for installation are based on high grade materials. Please note that we do not use inferior materials because inferior materials will contribute to many problems for your air conditioning system.

Click on the following to understand the importance of aircon installation and material used for aircon installation:

installation & materials usedl

Warranty Period for Parts: 6 months

Extended Warranty:  Above warranty will be extended for an additional 6 months if you sign up a quarterly aircon maintenance servicing contract concurrently.

Click on the following for pricing on aircon maintenance servicing:

.aircon servicing deal






Disclaimer on Warranty

The warranty for reconditioned air con of 6 months is not inclusive of cleaning services which is required to make the air con function properly again should your air con break down due to accumulation of dirty parts and components. Therefore, you are advised to ensure that your air con is properly maintained with best practice procedures.

We do not provide warranty for parts that become defective because you service your air con with vendors who do not employ best practice procedures for cleaning the air con. Example includes cleaning the air conditioners with chemical solution without dismantling all the air conditioning parts and components for thorough cleaning and rinsing. Such practices can result in your air con become defective due to chemical residue being trapped in the air con components corroding the parts.

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