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aircon chemical wash or aircon chemical overhaul is effective for washing away stubborn dirts and grimes in your fancoil.





CitiCool strongly advocate adopting the best practice of removing the fan coil unit from the wall where it is mounted and dismantling all the components in the fan coil piece by piece for a thorough chemical treatment and rinsing.  Despite the time and effort required in doing so, it is important to follow such best practice procedures as this is the proper and correct way of cleaning the fan coil to ensure that it can operate efficiently after the chemical wash.

Effective cleaning method

Following the best practice procedure for chemical wash allows us to apply chemical cleaning on all the dirty components in your fan coil piece by piece. It also allows us to apply chemical on all the dirt, dust and grime stuck in the blower and in between the fins of the evaporator coil easily. After the chemical solution has penetrated through the layers of dirt and grease, we can easily rinse them away with water. Washing the fan coil component piece by piece also allow us to thoroughly rinse away all chemical used in the cleaning process.  Therefore, we can make sure that not only the air filter but all the internal components in the fan coil are very clean and free of dirty particles.

This whole process provides assurance that the entire fan coil is clean and free from dirty particles.  A proper cleaning process is very important as clean fan coil can help save energy consumed by the air conditioner. It also allow the air conditioner to produce cleaner and healthier air.

Opportunity to check for defective components and parts

Dismantling and reassembling the fan coil parts is an opportunity for the aircon technician to check for defective or loosen parts. The aircon technician will need to make sure that all loosen parts are tightened when reassembling back the fan coil as loosen parts can cause the aircon to be noisy. The aircon technician also need to make sure that the aircon refrigerants are pumped back and at the same time check that the level of refrigerant is correct as over or under charged of aircon refrigerant can cause the aircon to malfunction.

Safer method for the aircon technician

Note that removing the fan coil from the wall and dismantling it for chemical wash is also a safer practice for the technicians cleaning the aircon.  This is because they need not climb the ladder and handle the chemical solutions at a height where the fan coil is mounted. Note that most aircon chemical solution used nowadays are alkaline base solution that comprises penetrants and surfactants and these substances can be harmful for the skin and the eyes. In fact, it is extremely harmful if ingested.

Reasons why chemical cleaning service also known as “chemical overhaul”?

If an aircon chemical wash service is conducted based on the best practice procedure, the end result is as good as a thorough spring cleaning as well as checking for your aircon. An experienced technician should be able to diagnose any defects in the aircon while performing chemical wash.

During a chemical wash servicing, technicians are supposed to pump up and pump back the aircon refrigerant and make sure the refrigerant is adequate and at the correct level. Normally there is no need to top up refrigerant unless your system has leakages causing the air refrigerant level to drop and your aircon to malfunction. In this case, the leakage areas need to be sealed up. Once it is sealed up and top up with the correct level of refrigerant, there is no need to top up any more refrigerant at all unless there is another leakage.

During a proper chemical wash, all the components of are dismantled piece by piece for cleaning with chemical solution. An experienced technician should be able to diagnose any faulty parts that need repair or replacement. In addition, they will check the controls and thermostats and test the aircon unit. Take note however that if there are any faulty parts identified during a chemical wash, charges for repairing and replacing the faulty parts are not included in the price for chemical wash service.

Reassembling all the fan coil components back after a chemical wash makes the aircon look like a newly assembled unit. Besides looking clean and new, it should also function like its new again. This is the reason why a chemical wash if conducted based on best practice procedures can also be called a “chemical overhaul”.

After a chemical wash, an air conditioner should be able to function at tip top condition as if it has a new life. It should produce cool and clean air efficiently. In fact, effective chemical wash can help to resolve many aircon problems and is very beneficial in reducing wear and tear and prolonging the lifespan of your aircon. Best of all you can kill two birds with one stone because clean and efficient aircon not only produce clean and healthy air, it will also consume lesser electricity compared to an aircon operating without any proper servicing and maintenance.