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When you have an air conditioning unit, one of the effective ways to control it is with a remote control. There are plenty of different brands of remote controls, but they all have generally the same features. The key to using the remote effectively is to understand how to use the different functions so you can get the most out your air conditioning system without using more energy than you should. Below are some brands of universal remote controls and their special features:

LG – The electronics giant makes a simple remote control for air conditioning units. This remote is easy to use because it only has six buttons. One is for power. The other five control the unit with a set of up and down keys for the temperature, a button for fan speed, and buttons for timer and mode. This model does not come with a screen at all.

Estone – This manufacturer makes universal remotes that work with many different air conditioning models. This brand makes remotes that are more complex than the LG model. It has several buttons that offer controls for low power consumption. It allows users to set their ac units from a long distance and the LCD panel makes it easy to see what you are setting.

AnyCommand – This is another brand that makes universal remotes. Their product is black and the remote looks like a telephone keypad with ten numbers. It does not have an LCD panel like the Estone model, but it has enough buttons that are clearly labeled to make programming accessible even to those who believe they have problems with technology.

BBQBuy – This little remote does come with a screen and the buttons are labeled with pictures and words. You should be able to easily program your air conditioning unit. The remote also comes with a built-in flashlight for emergency situations. This remote works with nearly every type of air conditioning unit and it will find the unit itself.

KT-N828 – This remote works with nearly every air conditioning unit, too. This remote has the largest LCD screen of any other model. It has just a few buttons on the top, but it has a slide feature that reveals a second layer of buttons underneath. This model comes with its own set of batteries, so it should work right out of the box.

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