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Inverter aircon is a relatively new type of air conditioning system. It works by judging the external temperature and the internal temperature to adjust the refrigerant to make the internal temperature comfortable. This type of air conditioning unit has a compressor that can function at a high rate of speed to quickly cool a room. It can also function at a low rate of speed to keep the room warm. The biggest benefit of an inverter air conditioner is that works to maintain a constant temperature, so it speeds up and slows down on its own. This causes the unit to use less energy than a traditional unit that only measures the temperature inside of the room and use a fixed speed to get the temperature to a desired setting.

High Price to Install but Low Price to Run

While there are many benefits to using an inverter aircon unit, there is one negative to it: the cost. For people who cannot have a split unit installed because they do not have duct work, an inverter unit can be a good idea. Over time, you will make up the cost of an inverter unit by the energy that you save. The really effective inverter units can be 30 to 50 per cent less expensive to run than a typical air conditioning unit, so you can save on your electric bills especially during the hottest months of the year. The temperature is achieved faster, so you use less energy to get there.

Best for Year Round Use

You should consider using an inverter air conditioning unit if you plan to use it all year. It is not good idea for people who live in climates with only a few warm months. They do start up faster than a split unit and they are much quieter than window units. The design of the inverter makes the home much more comfortable, because the temperature stays the same without unusual fluctuations. People who have split unit air conditioners have to deal with the compressor voltage peaks, but the inverter designs never have trouble with compressor peaks, because these units are actually heat pumps, which are more efficient in using energy than any other air conditioning system.

Plenty of Benefits to Using an Inverter Aircon Inside of Your Home

The inverter air conditioner is installed in the wall of the room you want to cool. The interior design looks like a baseboard heating unit. These are commonly seen in hotel rooms all over the world. A big bonus to the interior units is that they come with outstanding filtering technology which is designed to keep micro-particles out of the home. You do not have to worry about mold and dust getting into your home because of the high-tech filters. Traditional split units and window units do not have filtering technology like the inverters have. Usually the filters are reusable and easy to clean. The units also come with remote controls and sleep timers for even more efficiency.