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In the heat of Singapore, air conditioning can make a big difference in the quality of your day. Understanding how does aircon work is key to helping you choose someone to install and repair an air conditioning unit. The air conditioner works to change the air quality by affecting the humidity and the temperature of the air. In simplified terms, air conditioning will move the heat in your home outside so the air conditioning unit can put cool air inside of your home.

Components to a Successful System

When you have an air conditioning system installed in your home, you need to have a system of ductwork in the walls of your home. The ductwork will move the cool air through your home and bring the warm air out of your home. Some people have what it called a split system.

The compressor on the split system has a compressor that is outside of the home and it changes the gas to a liquid which is then pushed into an evaporator coil on the inside of the house.

The evaporator has a set of metal fins that change the air as the indoor heating unit fan blows the air across those fins. The refrigerant goes from gas to liquid is then changed into a vapor so it can clear the heat out of the air. The heat is sent out of the house and the cool air is blown around the house. This entire process is called phase conversion.

Type of Air Conditioning Units for Homes

Along with the split system, there are other types of air conditioning options. One is the window air conditioner unit. This unit fits into a window opening, so the components for are much smaller than those used in a split system. In this type of unit the warm air exits the backside of the unit. There is a condenser coil that cools the air as a fan blows it into the house to circulate the cool air.

The central air conditioners are the ones that share the home heating system controls and thermostat and the unit that changes the hot air into cool air sits outside of the home in a weather-resistant enclosure. It is best to put any air conditioning unit out of direct sunlight because it will make the system work harder than it has to and will increase energy costs.

Chilled Water System for Large Buildings

There is another option for air conditioning units: the chilled water system. This option is different from the others because it is installed in the back of a building or on the roof. It works by cooling water to about 7 degrees Celsius and then it is pumped through the building into air handlers. The chilled pipes are quite efficient if they are insulated well.

No matter what type of air con system you have in your home, it will continue to work until the air is the temperature that you set on the thermostat.