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remote-controller-panel-descriptionLCD Display:

  1. This will show you if you have a strong signal from the remote to the aircon unit. If you do not have a strong signal, then you should move closer, no more than 8 meters away from the unit.
  2. The fan display will show you the current power level of the fan. The higher the bars go, the faster the fan is spinning.
  3. If your aircon unit lets you adjust the angle of the fan, this is the spot that will show you where the fan is blowing.
  4. The run mode shows you how the aircon is working, whether the unit is on, if it blowing hot or cold air (if you have that choice with you aircon unit), and if the unit is dehumidifying the air, too.
  5. This is the temperature that the remote is reading in the room.
  6. You can see the time that the unit will be running. You set this with buttons 9, 10, and 11.

Key Pad:

  1. This button turns the backlight on the LCD panel so you can read the panel in dark spaces.

5 and 18. The temperature button allows you to raise or lower the temperature in your room. The aircon unit will adjust based on the temperature you choose. The top button increases the temperature and the bottom button decreases the temperature.

  1. The mode button allows you to change from the unit using refrigerant to cool the room to just using the fan to blow around the room.
  2. If your aircon unit will let you adjust the direction of the fan, this button will let you choose the direction the fan swings from side to side. This button will make the side to side blowing work on its own.
  3. This button will adjust the up and down movement of the vents. The vents will not automatically adjust as the unit works; you change the degree and they stay there until you change it again.

9 – 11. These buttons work together to set the timer for the aircon unit. You will need to watch the LCD panel when you use these buttons so you can set the timer for the unit. It works with AM and PM, not military time.

  1. This one allows you to set the clock so the remote knows when to turn the aircon unit on and off.
  2. This is the power button for the remote.
  3. This button allows you to turn just the fan on and off. It will not turn on the air conditioning compressor.
  4. If you push this button, it will immediately set the aircon unit to the highest cooling setting to cool your space quickly.
  5. If you have a heating unit, this button will set the heating unit to the highest setting to heat your room.
  6. This is the confirmation button that you will use to confirm settings. The LCD panel will ask you to confirm some settings.

7 Tips For Your Aircon Remote Controller:

  1. Use the timer.
  2. Adjust the angle of the fan, especially if your unit is installed high up in a wall.
  3. Keep the batteries fresh.
  4. Read the LCD panel and take your time when setting the temperature and the timer.
  5. Use the fan when the outdoor temperature is comfortable.
  6. Use the automatic swing button to efficiently cool the room.
  7. Keep the remote close enough to the unit so they can communicate efficiently.