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Aircon Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will help to:

  • maintain the efficiency of your aircon
  • minimize the frequency of water leakage
  • reduce the need for repair
  • saves energy consumption
  • prolong the life span of the air conditioner

What should be done regularly for your aircon maintenance?

A simple aircon maintenance can be done by cleaning the external surface of the air con and the water filter regularly. We recommend that such cleaning be performed at least fortnightly to prevent dust accumulation.

How often should the air con system be serviced?

The frequently of aircon servicing should increase with the increase in air con usage. Based on a standard usage, we recommend servicing your residential air con three to four times per year. Monthly aircon servicing should be performed for commercial air con.

What is the benefit of an annual aircon maintenance service contract?

If you want to service your air conditioners regularly, it is better to consider an annual aircon maintenance service contract. Aircon servicing companies normally offers a better rate if you sign an annual contract with them. In Citicool we offer our customers a discount of 15% to 20% for signing an annual aircon maintenance service contract with us. You can refer to our annual maintenance servicing rates by clicking on the link below.

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Aircon Efficiency

What is the standard energy saving air con temperature to maintain in Singapore?

An ideal temperature is 25-26 °C. This standard temperature can save lots of energy consumption.

Which model of air con is more energy efficient?

Refer to the label below. The more ticks, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is.

Where can I get more information about energy saving in Singapore?

It is everyone’s duty to help to save the earth by practicing and adopting good habits to help to save energy consumption. You can refer to NEA Website or NEA Facebook for more details.

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