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When shopping for an air conditioning unit, you need to realize that the unit will not last for your entire life. The average lifespan of any air conditioning unit will vary based on how much usage it gets as well as how much maintenance you give the unit. If you take good care of your air conditioning unit, you can expect to get 10 to 12 years out of it.

Good Products Need to Be Care For Properly
New air conditioning units are high quality. Manufacturers not only make a good product, but they also provide long-term warranties that last for up to 5 years. In most cases, when an air conditioning unit fails, it is usually not the unit itself, but the fuses or circuit breakers. Air conditioner compressors can also stop when the temperature gets excessively hot. It is helpful to know where all of these things are in your home before the installation technicians leave your home.

Do What You Can to Keep the Unit Running
You are the one person who can make your air conditioning system last a long time. The best way to extend the lifespan of your unit is to use it properly. This starts with keeping the doors and windows closed when you have the air conditioner running. When you have constant hot air coming in the house with open windows and doors, you force your air conditioning system to work harder than it needs to work.

Check for Proper Installation
There are other problems that can occur based on the way the air conditioner was installed and how it is maintained. If the ducts are leaky, then the airflow will be lower than what it should be, which makes the unit work harder. The refrigerant needs to be properly charged to the manufacturer’s settings and if this is not done correctly, the unit works less efficiently than it should and it will reduce the lifespan.

Take Care of the Filter
Regular cleaning of the air filter will also keep the unit running smoothly. You should know whether the filter needs to be replaced or if it is one of the models that can be washed and reused. A clogged filter can make the unit work overtime and reduce efficiency by 10 percent or more. It is helpful to have the installation technician show you where the filter is.

Get Regular Maintenance
Your air conditioning unit should be maintained quarterly or biannually, depending on usage. The best way to keep the unit running smoothly is to have a licensed technician check the refrigerant and look for leaks.