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Inverter Units
One of the most popular eco-friendly air conditioning systems is the inverter unit. This is a stand-alone unit that does not require any expensive installation. It mounts on the wall and the motor works at variant speeds to reach the perfect temperature. These are much faster than a traditional air conditioning unit because their motors work at varying speeds rather than the single speed motor that a traditional unit uses.

Solar Powered Units
There are solar powered air conditioners, but they are new technology and not available everywhere. A solar powered air conditioning unit has solar panels that provide the power. These are useful in areas that get a significant amount of sun during the hot months. They are energy efficient, but the technology can go farther to save even more energy. Eventually, solar powered aircon units will remove the burden on electrical grids so there are fewer power outages on extremely hot days.

Powered by Ice
A relatively new air conditioning unit is the ice powered unit. These work with a traditional units, but they make ice in the evening when the nights are cooler. Then, the ice cools the air conditioning unit during the day. This ice offsets the electrical use. These are eco-friendly air conditioning units because the system gathers energy during the night time hours when it is cheaper to use electricity. Then, the energy is delivered during the hottest times of the day, so the unit does not use electricity during the most expensive peak times of the day. When the ice is in use, the compressor shuts off. The ice cools the refrigerant as it moves through the coils and a small pump that uses very little energy pushes the ice-cooled air through the ducts. This reduces the demand on local electricity loads.

CFC-Free Air Conditioners
The cool air that comes from an air conditioning unit comes from the refrigerants. This liquid is stored in the coils and it also helps remove humidity from indoor air, too. For decades, Freon or R-22 refrigerant was commonly used. While Freon helped cool many homes and cars, it was slowly causing problems in the atmosphere. Freon is a compound in the hydrochlorofluorocarbon class and the chlorine it contains damages the ozone layer. There is now a new refrigerant called R-410A that is safe for the environment because it is free of chlorine. This eco-friendly refrigerant can be found in most models of new air conditioning units and by 2020, all manufacturers must stop using Freon in their models. As manufacturers switch to R-410A refrigerant, they are also adding new features to the air conditioning units that make them more reliable and quieter than previous models.

RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
Not only is it possible to find air conditioning units that are free of Freon, but it is also possible to find units that are free of lead and other hazardous substances. The RoHS directive is not only better for people who remove their old hazardous appliances, but it is better for the environment by preventing the leakage of toxic substances into the air and water. There are many manufacturers who are producing aircon units that are lead-free and free of other toxic materials, too.

There are many types of eco aircon available for the average consumers. Although, these eco air conditioning systems are more expensive than conventional air conditioning systems, they help to reduce the load on our environment as well as cut down on electrical bills. As technology improves, the cost of these aircon systems will be lowered and more people will be able to afford these systems.