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Aircon Servicing Specialist – CitiCool Engineering Pte Ltd

A Trustworthy and Reliable Aircon Servicing Company in Singapore

CitiCool is an established Aircon Servicing Specialist company.  We are a BCA registered contractor accredited with Bizstar from WSHC (“Workplace Safety and Health Council”).  We were set up in year 2005 by a team of air conditioning specialist.  We provide air conditioner services for both residential and commercial clients in Singapore.  

CitiCool’s business operation is conducted based on its mission statement which is supported with a set of strong core values.  Based on our mission, we are required to “… deliver our services with high integrity and service quality..”.  In order to maintain our service quality, our strategy is to retain our aircon servicing specialist, especially the veteran ones.  Currently, our team of Aircon Servicing specialist (冷气师傅) has an average of more than 15 years of hands on technical experience.

Veteran Aircon Servicing Specialists to Maintain High Service Quality

Most air conditioning companies prefers to segregate its aircon maintenance and aircon installation technicians.  The main reason for doing so is because aircon cleaning and maintenance requires lesser skills and cheaper labour compare to installation. This practice will help companies to lower their manpower costs for aircon servicng and maintenance jobs.  However, in CitiCool,  all our existing aircon servicing specialist has strong experience in both aircon servicing, aircon installations and re-conditioning used air con.

Note that CitiCool do not segregate our aircon technicians into servicing (cleaning) and installation team for the following reasons:

  1. We require all our technicians to be expert in all areas relating to air conditioning.  This is important as it helps in maintaining our service quality.
  2. Installation jobs are much more strenuous compared to aircon servicing and maintenance jobs.  We want to spread out and share the strenuous workload among our technicians.
  3. Technicians with installation experience are equipped with higher expertise in identifying any air conditioning problems.  Hence, during aircon servicing, they can help identify and highlight any aircon problems to customers.
  4. Technicians with installation experience has the ability to help customer resolve any aircon problem on the spot during aircon servicing.  As a result, our customers need not wait for another team to resolve their aircon problem separately.

Besides aircon servicing,  CitiCool is also one of the biggest seller of re-conditioned air conditioners in Singapore.  Aircon re-conditioning process requires our technicians to dismantle, clean and reassemble different brands of air conditioners before installing the re-conditioned air con.  Technicians must test, identify and rectify any problematic parts before reassembling the used air con.  This make sure that the air conditioner can function like a new air conditioner again.  The process of re-conditioning second hand air conditioners regularly not only reinforces the expertise of our technicians, it also increase their expertise in performing air con repair.  As a result, our team is very strong in both repair and installation work.

In short, Citicool has a strong and competent team of aircon specilaist.  We provide air con installation and servicing on all brands and models of air conditioning systems. These brands include but are not limited to :

Looking for Aircon Servicing?  Why Choose CitiCool?

Citicool- a competent and experience aircon servicing company in Singapore

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Affordable Aircon Servicing in Singapore

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customer oriented aircon servicing company in Singapore

☸ Highly Recommended ☸

We worked in team and each team is lead by a veteran aircon specialist to ensure high service quality. Our solid experience and competency enable us to build and maintain strong, reliable and trustworthy relationship with our customers.  We always help to recommend the most cost saving solution to our customers. We benchmark our pricing to deliver value for money aircon servicing. We advocate best practices in our work.  All aircon servicing package offered by CitiCool offers covers complete and full scope of work.  We only used high quality raw materials in our aircon installation.  High quality of work allows our customers to save more in the long run. We are highly recommended by our customers because of our friendly customer service and high service quality. In fact, our customers always help to refer their friends to us. Our advertising expense is extremely low because most of our new customers are based on referral.

Our Aircon Servicing Quality & Testimonial

Its our mission to deliver aircon servicing with high integrity and service quality

CitiCool’s MISSION is to deliver our aircon servicing with high integrity and service quality so that our customers will highly recommend us as a reliable and trustworthy company.  We adhere strongly to our company mission and core values.  Due to our high standard of delivery and customer satisfaction, we often have customers referring new clients to us.

When CitiCool first started operation in year 2005, we had to build our customer base by advertising regularly on the local newspaper in Singapore.   We have stopped advertising on the local newspaper for many years after the initial years of advertising.  This is because all employees in the company’s were well guided by the founder.  As a team, we followed our company mission closely to deliver our services with high integrity and service quality.  Due to high service quality, sincerity and integrity, many new and existing customers happily refer new customers to us. Many grateful customers also wrote testimonials on popular forums to recommend our aircon servicing to the public.  We found this out when different new customers feedback to us that they found us on different kinds of online forums. CitiCool started to go online and have a website and facebook page in year 2014.  Our customers wrote good review for us on CitiCool’s facebook.  One very happy customer even market us on her own facebook timeline as she was very impressed by our service quality.  We are also very grateful to some customers who always help to like or share every single facebook post that we post on our facebook.  In fact, our effort to maintain high service quality has helped us to save on advertising and marketing expenses.  Ever since we go online, our customer referrals increase substantially.  As a result, we managed to reduce our yearly advertising and marketing expenses to a very insignificant amount.  

We build our business foundation based on high service quality and integrity

CitiCool aims to be a leader in the aircon industry in terms of high quality of service and high integrity.  All our aircon servicing pricing is inclusive of a full scope of work.   Unlike many vendors, we DO NOT provide an incomplete scope with hidden add on option.  Sad to say, it is very common for aircon servicing companies to use such pricing technique to attract customers.  Majority of the public are usually not aware of  incomplete scope provided by such company.  They thought that the prices are very cheap without knowing the truth.  We do not advocate such practices as doing so means compromising on our MISSION.

We always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers.  We believe that any customer with adequate knowledge on air conditioning would certainly go for a scope that covers cleaning of all the key components instead of opting for a half done job.   It is fine to exclude good to have scope like spraying freshener on the fan coil as this has nothing to do with cleanliness of the aircon.  Actually, customer can do this on their own by spraying freshener of their preferred choice.  It does not require any technical skill at all.  However, it doesn’t make sense if any aircon services skip cleaning of key items like blower wheel or drainage pipe etc as such work required some technical skills.  Any knowledgeable aircon user would certainly disagree on such incomplete scoping.  This is as good as cleaning only the easy to clean parts of the fan coil, leaving the difficult part undone.  In CitiCool, we only offer  full scope of cleaning work for general aircon servicing.  There is no add on pricing because there is no optional items left uncleaned.

Similarly, many local aircon servicing vendors packaged chemical wash and chemical overhaul differently to offer a cheaper option to draw more customers.  This result in improper short cut techniques and scope reduction in the cleaning.  This can actually affect the aircon efficiency or even cause damages to your air conditioners.  Note that such inappropriate scoping and delivery actually made pricing in the air conditioning industry extremely competitive.  Many aircon servicing company actually yielded to such pricing practices to gain market share.  By doing so, they actually compromised on their service quality and trustworthiness.  In CitiCool, we will never make such compromises.   We follow our MISSION statement strictly.  We only offer a proper full scope of work for chemical wash based on best practice procedures. Similarly, for aircon installation, we only offer pricing that include high quality raw materials in the installation.  We do not have any option for using low quality or inferior raw materials because these using such materials will shorten the life span of the air conditioning systems.  We understand that we can’t grow our market share as fast as those who offers low pricing with reduced scope or using inferior raw materials. However, we grow the confidence of our customers through high service quality.  Since day one of operation, we emphasized on building our business foundation based on trust and reliability.  We always operate our business based on our 8 core values which  is represented by our company name C I T I C O O L.    These 8 letters stands for: 









Leading Aircon Servicing in Singapore on Educational Sharing

CITICOOL always receive feedback from new customers telling us how they were previously cheated by other aircon servicing companies in Singapore.  During recruitment interviews, many candidates shared with us the various types of unethical practices conducted by the aircon servicing companies they worked in.   Some candidates were even requested by their bosses to cheat on their customers.   Sad to say that the aircon servicing industry in Singapore still has many vendors adopting unethical practices to grow their business.   CitiCool will continue to promote awareness to the public on such unethical practices.  We will continue to write articles and create videos to help customers have a better understanding on best practice procedures on aircon servicing.  Its our social responsibility to reveal those unethical and dishonest practices in the aircon industry to the general public.  We will also continue to provide educational contents with DIY information to help the public understand how air conditioners work.  We hope that over time, consumers will become more knowledgeable.  In this way, aircon servicing companies that engage in dishonest practices will have to  eradicate all the unhealthy practices and start to engage on healthy practices to gain their market shares instead.



Citicool’s Office and Aircon Servicing Workshop

Citicool’s aircon servicing workshop has been located in Eunos Avenue 7 for many years. You are welcome to visit our office and workshop. The link below shows a google map for our aircon servicing workshop. It also has details on how to get to our workshop by car and where where to park your car. If you are taking MRT to our workshop, there is also information how to walk from Eunos MRT station to our workshop.

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Aircon Servicing Company Review for Commercial Clients

For commercial customers performing vendor evaluation for Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore, we can provide you with additional details on testimonials and references for our company. It is our greatest pleasure to be selected as an approved aircon servicing vendor in your company.

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