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Aircon Servicing Specialist – CitiCool

CitiCool is an established Aircon Servicing Specialist company.  We are a BCA registered contractor accredited with Bizstar from WSHC (“Workplace Safety and Health Council”).  We were set up in year 2005 by a team of air conditioning specialist.  We provide air conditioner services for both residential and commercial clients in Singapore.  

CitiCool’s business operation is conducted based on its mission statement which is supported with a set of strong core values.  Based on our mission, we are required to “… deliver our services with high integrity and service quality..”.  In order to maintain our service quality, our strategy is to retain our aircon servicing specialist, especially the veteran ones.  Currently, our team of Aircon Servicing specialist (冷气师傅) has an average of more than 15 years of hands on technical experience.

Most air conditioning companies prefers to segregate its aircon maintenance and aircon installation technicians as aircon cleaning and maintenance requires lesser skills and cheaper labour compare to installation.  This practice will help companies to lower their manpower costs for aircon servicng and maintenance jobs.  However,in CitiCool,  all our existing aircon servicing specialist has strong experience in both aircon servicing and installations as we do not segregate our aircon technicians into servicing and installation team for the following reasons:

  • we require all our technicians to be expert in all areas relating to air conditioning instead of just a specialist in one limited area to help maintain our service quality;
  • installation jobs are much more strenuous compared to servicing and maintenance jobs and we want to spread out and share the strenuous workload among our technicians; and
  • we believe technicians with installation experience have more expertise in identifying any technical issues when they are performing aircon servicing and maintenance jobs.

Besides aircon servicing and maintenance,  CitiCool is one of the biggest seller of re-conditioned air conditioners in Singapore.  Aircon re-conditioning process requires our technicians to dismantle, clean and reassemble different brands of air conditioners before installing the re-conditioned air con.  Technicians must test, identify and rectify any problematic parts before reassembling the used air con in order to make sure that the air conditioner can function like a new air conditioner again.  The process of re-conditioning second hand air conditioners regularly not only reinforces the expertise of our technicians, it also increase their expertise in performing air con repair.  As a result, our team is very strong in both repair and installation work.

In short, Citicool has a strong and competent team of aircon specilaist to provide air con installation and servicing on all brands and models of air conditioning systems. These brands include but are not limited to :

Why Choose CitiCool for your Aircon Servicing?

Citicool- a competent and experience aircon servicing company in Singapore

☸ Reliable & Trustworthy ☸

Affordable Aircon Servicing in Singapore

☸ Value for Money ☸

customer oriented aircon servicing company in Singapore

☸ Highly Recommended ☸

We worked in team and each team is lead by a veteran aircon specialist to ensure high service quality. Our solid experience and competency enable us to build and maintain a strong, reliable and trustworthy relationship with our customer. We benchmark our pricing to deliver value for money air con services. We advocate best practices in our work procedures to help our customer extend the lifespan of their air conditioners so that they can save more in the long run. We are highly recommended by our customers because of our friendly customer service and high service quality. In fact, our customers always help to refer their friends to us.

About Citicool’s Aircon Servicing Specialists/Technicians

Citicool has a team of veteran aircon servicing specialist. Some of our aircon specialists have been with the company since its incorporation. Our long serving specialist/technicians with high technical competency, integrity and performance were rewarded with CitiCool’s shareholdings. Our practice is to recognize, retain and reward deserving employees. We believe that reciprocating sincerely to our employees’ loyalty and commitment is important in helping us achieve our company’s mission.

Our Aircon Servicing Quality

CitiCool’s mission is to deliver our services with high integrity and service quality so that our customers will highly recommend us as a reliable and trustworthy company for aircon services. Recognizing and rewarding our veteran technicians with shareholding enables us to retain a team of highly competent technicians. It has contributed to our aircon technicians having strong dedication and vested interest in their work performance. It also helps our company maintain a high standard of delivery and customer satisfaction. It is an important aspect to help us achieve our company’s mission.

Maintaining a high level of technical competency enables us to help our clients resolve their air conditioning problems in a timely manner. As a result, our customers can enjoy clean and cool air without much delay. Our high standard of delivery and customer satisfaction has also resulted in many of our loyal customers referring new clients to us.

Citicool’s Office and Aircon Servicing Workshop

Citicool’s aircon servicing workshop has been located in Eunos Avenue 7 for many years. You are welcome to visit our office and workshop. The link below shows a google map for our aircon servicing workshop. It also has details on how to get to our workshop by car and where where to park your car. If you are taking MRT to our workshop, there is also information how to walk from Eunos MRT station to our workshop.

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Aircon Servicing Company Review for Commercial Clients

For commercial customers performing vendor evaluation for Aircon Servicing Companies in Singapore, we can provide you with additional details on testimonials and references for our company. It is our greatest pleasure to be selected as an approved aircon servicing vendor in your company.

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Feel free to share with us your air conditioner problems and issues. Our air conditioning specialist will work together with you in a timely manner to identity suitable solutions according to your need and budget. We are pleased to provide a free onsite checking to help you diagnose your air con problems. After the checking, we will also explain to you the various possible solutions. Do contact us now.

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